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We are a technical team with 15 years' rich experience in the inkjet industry. We are proficient in the use and color management of RIP software at home and abroad. Our programmers are the top technical talents in China. They are proficient in all kinds of inkjet RIP's program decompile, encryption lock replication and reverse cracking, and printer driver customization.

In terms of hardware, our technical engineers have more than 15 years working experience, and are leaders in the electronics industry. They are proficient in single-chip programming and chip level development and cracking.

We are good at applying our expertise to the ink jet printing industry, contributing to the rapid development of the inkjet printing industry in China! We provide foreign high-end RIP software driver interface program for China made printer main board, making amazing changes in the quality of flat printer produced in China.

In addition, we also make a series of heavy hardware devices such as the EPSON nozzle decryption card, the transfer card, the ink box decoding chip, the UV LED light source and so on.

We are willing to work together to become business partners and do business all over the world!



  • 2018-03-10


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